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What is this blog about?

That’s a good question. This is perhaps the fourth iteration of my personal blog. Each previous incarnation, I struggled to focus on one topic: writing. That’s how you get good SEO, that’s how you tell Google your site matters and is authoritative. That’s really it – you can’t game Google, and companies that tell you they can are lying. So become an expert in a topic and write about it.

Blogging about one single topic is soul crushing, however. It doesn’t matter how much you love the topic – because I love writing, talking and reading fiction. But, A weekly blog about just writing fiction, or creative writing or screenwriting or whatever flavor you call it, is hard. It’s boring for the blogger.


We’re Making Some Changes

I’ve decided to expand my blogging topics to include – and here’s the awesome part – everything and anything I want. Yes, I’m still going to talk about fiction and story, characters and plot and all the rest. But I’m also going to talk about Thai food if I think about it.



The list of things I’m interested it pretty vast. It ranges from ancient cultures to philosophy to zombies, to religion, to politics. From fitness to technology and video games. From books/literature and writing to whiskey and bourbon (maybe those are more closely related than we think).

I’m also a decades long veteran of web content and web technology – methods, best practices and how they are being exploited, under-utilized or ignored. I might spend some time occasionally blogging about that.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to write extensive articles comparing Star Trek to Star Wars. Who would read that though, right?