Why You Should Never Pay for SEO Analysis

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strange fad among web content creators. Web sites and their associated businesses live and die by how easily their website is found. SEO is an attempt to “game” Google – to trick the sharpest and move revolutionary (evolutionary) software system into making your little Mom & Pop Lawnmower Shop in Keebunk Wisconsin an international hit.

Make no mistake, when you plug into the internet you are competing with the global market and are going to be held to significantly higher (costliest) standards.

So why shouldn’t you have a pro analyze your web site for SEO-friendly content?


How, exactly, is this analysis done?

Here’s a sticky but of data. There are about a zillion analysis tools available to the average webmaster. That’s you – especially if you’re just a small business. Your host offers one, there’s Google Analytics and a bunch more. There are some SEO and traffic analysis tools built into WordPress and other content management systems. Does it matter which you use? Yes, and no.

Use two, at least. Use them consistently to establish a metric. But when you’re buying this service (sucker), what’s your vendor using? Well, a Pro can eyeball a website and make some suggestions. Then again, you could do that for less than $120.00 an hour. Get an audio book and do what the man says – you’ve saved $100. Wow, you are an entrepreneurial prodigy.

Really, you’re going to want to look at website traffic patterns and actual searched keywords. This requires that you’ve installed some analysis software to begin with. You’re going to want to pour over this information, rake it, sift it and determine if it’s even accurate. There will be discrepancies between analysis tools.

I know, you’re saying, “WTF?” As a rule of thumb, Google makes better software for the web than most anyone. They are, in fact, search engine experts. Therefore, it is only logical to use their analysis tools. That’s the standard by which the web is measured. If you hear “Well, our host has analysis tools…” insist on Google Analytics for at least 30 days prior to an analysis.


What’s a Pro?

Let’s define professional – this is someone who can be called an SEO expert. A person who studies the nuances of search engines, content and SEO as a way of life. I’ve personally been working with the internet and web content for decades (literally) and I don’t consider myself an expert.

That’s because the search engine algorithm, that is, almighty Google, changes monthly. If you miss an update, you’re struggling to play catch-up. By the time you’ve made changes, you’re going to need to make them again. Of course, if you have an unlimited budget, you can easily pay several wage-slaves to hack out some contemptible filler content, while angling for an overall content theme. You don’t have an unlimited budget? Oh. Well, that’s a great transition to our next reason.


You Can’t Afford It.

Don’t get your feathers ruffled. It’s like this – Google is a business and as such they want to do the best for their users. That means BAD content is worse than no content. No doubt you’ve seen “Top 10 Reasons” to do just about anything blogs. That’s because it was through that those lists were good for Google ranking. That’s just filler content and Google can see right through it.

To really rank well, you need to either be the only person in your region doing what you are doing (good luck) or have great content. I mean great content. That means a professional writer who spends more than an hour writing a 500-word blog. That means research, coordination with your business’s marketing department and real things to actually write about. “Did you know…” and “Meet our staff…” those articles are shallow, vapid space filler. Don’t pay for that.

Let’s think about this writer – and the support team. Not just any writer will work – you’ll need someone who can research efficiently and adapt. You’ll need a proofreader and fact checker (or budget hours to pay the writer to do that) and you’ll need to, as a business owner, give a wee shit about your brand’s message. That’s at least a staff of four, at slave wages, it’s more than 100k a year in salaries. Are you selling that many lawn-mowers?