The Darkest Age Roleplaying Game

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The Darkest Age Roleplaying Game

The Darkest Age

The Darkest Age Roleplaying Game is a complete d20 OGL Role-Playing Game, written by veteran game designer Rob Gee, science-fiction and fantasy author Eric Staggs with creative collaboration from Julia Gengenbach. Cover art by Jeff Dewitt. Interior art by Rob Gee.

 Available from DriveThru RPG as instant download or printed book.


The Darkest AgeThe Darkest Age is a Horror Role-Playing Game set in a grim, alternate history. Explore the gritty and dangerous world of Europe in 1350, as an unusual strain of the bubonic plague ravages the countryside and those afflicted don’t just die. They stand up and feast on the living… Gather your wits and dice! Roll-up a character from the Second Viking Age, a Skald or Berserker. Maybe you want to play an alchemist obsessed with unraveling the secret of this dread disease? The Darkest Age Role Playing Game uses the d20 OGL game system so you already know how to play.Between waves of fear and a strange uneasy compulsion to start playing The Darkest Age right now, you’re wondering what makes this game special? You’ve played a hundred d20 OGL games, but nothing like this. Written by veteran game designers who believe a role-playing system shouldn’t cost $60.00 a book, The Darkest Age explores social and cultural conventions, as well as medieval role-playing tropes. In a world where life is precious and death walks the countryside, the role of women is changed profoundly. Whole orders of knights founded by women and swear to re-build society. The Midwife’s Guild commands respect on par with the Church.
Includes detailed skills, new feats, locations, a history of undead-plagued Europe and much more!