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Publishing or Technical Consulting


Officially, I have retired from corporate copywriting and SEO work. Everyone’s an expert and the average person reads about the 7th-grade level. It’s a challenging and for me, unrewarding path. While it seems a shame to waste my two decades of web content creation and front end design experience it’s what’s best for me.  That said, I am still offering WordPress training, Basic and Advanced. Contact me for rates or to schedule a call.

Role Playing Game Development and Collaboration

As a life long gamer, this kind of work is always a blast. As the founder of Great Lakes Games, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some great artists and game designers. The Darkest Age is Great Lakes Games flagship product and we’re very proud of it. Story and setting development are a big part of RPG design.

Publishing Consultation

As co-founder of Spectacle Media Publishing Group, LLC, Eric has worked with printers, designers, and most importantly, authors, to publish print and digital books. Have a question?

Plot Consultation

It’s easy enough to find a forum to discuss your book, even people to give you opinions about it. Eric’s four years experience as a publisher, Bachelor’s and Master of Fine Arts degrees make him a more reliable sounding board.

Character Development

Characters don’t just step out of a void. Entire books have been written on developing compelling characters. Talk to an expert.

WordPress Training in Madison WI

Turns out this section needs its own page.

I will tell you about Zombies.

Ever since 28 Days Later, Eric has devoted an inordinate amount of time to zombie movies, television and the cultural phenomenon. Eric has published several short stories, essays and philosophical discussions on topic of zombies. After developing The Darkest Age and it’s supplements, Eric stands out as an expert on the undead.

Eric’s broad range of skills, from video editing, movie trivia, and undead lore to Adobe Creative Suit and Web Development come from his eclectic background. As well, before completing his undergraduate degree, Eric studied Graphic Design, Literature, Fine Art, Philosophy and Film.