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WordPress Training for Beginners

WordPress Training in Madison, WIWordPress Training in Madison, WI

First, it’s important to know that WordPress is designed form the ground up for ease-of-use and search engine optimization. Thousands of designers and developers collaborate to create plug-ins, templates and updates. WordPress is highly configurable. That means no matter what your business is, you’ll be able to make WordPress work for you. There’s a reason WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) available.

In many instances, it is more efficient to outsource this type of work. But if you’re a small shop and don’t have a budget to pay $120/hour for simple web maintenance so doing it yourself is an ideal solution. WordPress is designed so that if you’ve used Microsoft Word or the Internet at all, you can create and maintain your own blog/website. Many companies charge up to $1,000 for a WordPress install – this is free software!

WordPress can be configured to do just about anything (including shopping carts, blogs, and podcasts). Most plug-ins  for free or a fraction of what a developer would charge. Why pay $120/hour when you can do it yourself?


Basic WordPress Training

Get started with this 4-hour session. You’ll hit the ground running. Leave the session with a fully functional website.

  • Setting up your WordPress site
  • Domain name selection
  • The difference between posts and pages
  • Configuring widgets
  • Selecting a theme
  • Images and links
  • Generating a menu


Advanced WordPress Training

More aggressive or experienced users will benefit from this 4-hour Advanced WordPress training. Topics covered include:

  • Plug-Ins and configuration
  • Modification of source files
  • Adding specific plug-ins and configuring them
  • Automated social media distribution
  • Other file types
  • SEO and copy generation
  • Fine-tuning the site

WordPress has been a leading blog platform for years. Now take advantage of it’s powerful SEO and CMS capabilities. It’s a website in a (virtual) box. Contact me now for rates or to schedule a call.