The Game Masters’ Companion Update

Project Exhaustion:

The Game Masters' Companion - Medieval Medicine

The Game Masters’ Companion

I’ve been working on The Game Masters’ Companion (GMC) on and off for about two years. The big breaks in production show up when real-life things get in the way – everyone knows this. It’s exhausting to write a blog about it. The project was doomed from the start – that’s not to say it won’t be completed, but we’ve suffered all types of setbacks. These aren’t excuses, more a reflection on the difficulties of producing a quality game book.


The GMC lost its project manager two months after the start of production. The art came in steady and looked good – but quality game books require a lot of art. Look at any of these sexy new books (I just picked up an ACHTUNG! Cthulhu campaign) – they’re gorgeous. The Darkest Age was gorgeous. But the time and resources it would take to make the GMC as gorgeous just weren’t there.


One of our contributing authors just disappeared. I don’t know if he was destroyed by the Empire or lost the Bermuda Triangle, but no one has heard from him in more than two years. I’m hoping it wasn’t zombies. This left the art director and myself as the primary contributors. What I’m getting at is that while dedicated writers and artists, we’re not fulltime game designers. The problem comes full circle.


The Game Masters' Companion

The Game Masters’ Companion

I’ve dusted off the thing, raised it from the dead if you will, and am editing again. A final edit should be complete in a few weeks. The art is complete – the cover is gorgeous. Our Kickstarter to pay a graphic designer for layout didn’t reach its goal. So, I’m doing layout. While I’ve had plenty of experience in digital designer, preparing a project for print is a little more in depth.


It’s happening. But just like the stellar alignment we’re waiting for to bring back Mighty Cthulhu, this might take some time as well.


(Well, not that long.)