Epic Transgressions – New Book

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Epic Transgressions – New Book

Epic Transgressions: Short StoriesEric Staggs’ new book, Epic Transgressions is now available for Kindle.

Epic Transgressions

A collection of visceral shorts documenting the rise and fall of a menagerie of villains, as well as the occasional hero.These slice-of-life shorts chip at the veneer of societal niceties and settle into the readers mind. Drug addicts, alcoholism, revenge, sex and death are just a few of the topics of these terse, fast paced tales.

Included in this collection is the controversial “How Stephanie Killed Lisa,” the fan favorites “The Tradition,” and “Going to L.A.,” as well as more recent short stories like “About Brandon” and “Fallen Shelves.”

These hand picked short stories from writer Eric Staggs are sure entice, enrage and soak into your imagination.


Price: $3.99
Written by: Eric Staggs
Published by: Voices Publishing, LLC
Date published: 01/16/2015
Edition: 1st
Available in Ebook

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Excerpt from Epic Transgressions

When the world was young, for us at least, and we didn’t have families of our own, a group of friends from all over the country would come back to Eau Claire Wisconsin for the holiday. It was sort of a tradition. We’d meet the eve before Christmas Eve at the Poynt. Back then, we were more willing swell that pontificating snog Bolte’s pockets with our hard earned coins. The Poynt’s motto should be “A twenty dollar suicide never tasted so good…”


Come on! You know you want to read it.